Uses of Class

Packages that use Language

Uses of Language in ffmpeg

Constructors in ffmpeg with parameters of type Language
CodecVector(Language lang)
          Constructs a new CodecVector with given Language
FFMpeg(java.lang.String path, Language lang, FFMpegProgressReceiver recv)
          Constructs a new Object of FFMpeg

Uses of Language in gui

Methods in gui that return Language
 Language FFMpegGui.getLanguage()
          Get the language

Constructors in gui with parameters of type Language
Info(FFMpegGui caller, Language lang)
          Creates a new Info object
InternetVideo(FFMpegGui caller, Language lang)
          creates a new InternetVideo object
Settings(FFMpegGui caller, Language language)
          Creates a new Settings object

Uses of Language in language

Subclasses of Language in language
 class Deutsch
          German language
 class English
          English language
 class Spanish
          Spanish language

Uses of Language in util

Methods in util with parameters of type Language
static void SwingUtils.exec(java.awt.Component caller, java.lang.String[] cmd, Language lang)
          Execute a command
static void SwingUtils.openFile(java.awt.Component caller, java.lang.String path, Language lang)
          Opens a file in the default application
static void SwingUtils.openUrl(java.awt.Component caller, java.lang.String url, Language lang)
          Opens a URL in the default browser
static void SwingUtils.openWin(java.awt.Component caller, java.lang.String[] cmd, Language lang)
          Opens a program/file/url with the default program
static java.lang.String SwingUtils.webDownload(java.awt.Component caller, java.lang.String input, Language lang)
          Download a website

Constructors in util with parameters of type Language
Downloader(java.lang.String file, FFMpegProgressReceiver recv, Language lang)
          Creates a new Downloader